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My name is Melanie, but you can call me Mel

 I have truly lived a transformational life, and I want to help you do the same! My curiosity and wonder of this miraculous world we live in has taken me on a expansive educational journey. It seems I've lived seven lifetimes in one! For a long time, I felt tossed and turned on the sea of life, until I discovered my own self-worth and connection to the infinite power which flows in the abundant universe. It took a lot of practice, determination and openness to receive, and now today, I share this gift with others.

Let's just say, I've been there.

    I have been told I am an exceptional listener, a gifted intuitive, an engaging story-teller, and a spark plug! Nothing gives me more joy than to see others succeed in their goals. I live for "A-HA" moments when others connect to their innate abilities and talents and realize that we all have the ability to live the life of our dreams.

Three things I feel passionate about:

1. Helping you heal from the wounds of addictive and compulsive behavior by demonstrating that YOU are a deliberate creator of your own life, and how to rise above limiting beliefs!

2.  Music and art as transformational gifts. Yes, I am also a music educator and an artist, and love ever minute of it!

3. The wonders of the natural world and how we fit in. I love growing plants!


A gifted musician and artist since childhood, I accepted the Hero's journey and boy, what a journey!  I am a recovered addict, resilient from physical and emotional abuse. I seek ways to live in balance and peace. I learned from what I didn't want to discover what I did want. I wore many coats, but after falling for the belief that my talents in music and art were useless, and learning from what happens when you try to live the life of others instead of your own, I returned full circle and today, learned that we are ALL living deliberately, and consciously creating our own lives from moment to moment. I am a successful and resilient teacher, speaker and guide on the side.

I connected with the love of my life, completed my MFA, and for the past 10 years,  run my own studio and coaching seminars.

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